Our History

Bennett Community Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1951 after the Town of Bennett elected to dissolve the Town Fire Department that had been in place since World War II. The town was looking to decrease the costs of fighting large wheat field fires, and found that putting a Community Volunteer Department in place was the best option. The original Firemen in 1951 paid 25 cents a month to belong to the Department, eventually increasing to 50 cents per month. In the early 70s, the District built and placed a second station into service located on Highway 36 just east of Watkins to better serve the West Side of the District. In 1981, a few determined citizens collected enough money in donations to form the Bennett Rescue Squad. Prior to this time, the Strasburg Fire Department provided all ambulance services to the I-70 corridor.

The Bennett Fire Department and The Bennett Rescue Squad would merge in 1986 into the Bennett Fire Protection District. In 1991, the District hired its first full-time career Firefighter, Joseph Bruce, to the position of Fire Chief. After Chief Bruce moved on, Bennett Fire Protection District hired Fire Technician Greg Kauffman, and EMS Technician Jodi Kozel. In 1997, the District built a fourth station in the Southern part of the coverage area to better provide service to the rapidly growing area. The station is in service today as Station 94 and is located at the intersection of County Road 129 and Quincy Avenue. Over the years, the District has grown in services provided by obtaining new equipment and the hiring of career staff to assist in supporting our Mission. This includes a career Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Life Safety Captain, 18 full-time career Firefighters, EMT's and Paramedics, two full-time certified emergency vehicle technicians, 2 full-time Secretaries, 1 civilian prevention employee and 3 part-time Firefighters/EMTs. The remainder of the membership is filled by our certified reserve and volunteer Firefighters, EMT's and Paramedics. These dedicated members generously give their time for the benefit of others and the District could not function without them.

Bennett Fire continues to grow, responding to roughly 1100 calls per year.

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